The Three Philosophers - website banners

"The Three Philosophers" is a project for the Philosophy School Nouvelle Acropole in France. Working on their new website they asked me to produce illustrations for the "slider' of their website. They had to be fun, reflect the school core principles, and communicate the idea that classic philosophy from the East and the West can be relevant to modern current life. Together we chose three philosophers that could represent classic philosphy across the world. We chose Socrates to represent classic Greek Philosophy, Confucius for China, and Buddha for India. In the first banner they would be together endorsing the idea of a classic school of philosophy in the XXI century. Then each one will have a banner with a quote and an illustration of that quote in a modern life context. The three phrases would represent at the same time the core values of the School.

"Philosophy Shool on the XXI century"
Confucius: "Still relevant!"
Buddha: "Open to everyone!"
Socrates: "Applied to everyday life!"
"Start your own way on the right path and only then you can advice others" - Buddha
"If you step into the other's shoes, then forgiveness is easy!" - Confucius
"Only knowledge that helps us improve ourselves is useful". - Socrates
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